The Resurrection of the DC Universe.

Before we get started this isn’t a review, that’s been done by our trusty Reverend KFidds here:

This is an admiration article about how Black Adam is going to save the DCEU or DC Extended Universe.

Anyone who knows me knows that I like what I like, and I invest myself fully into those passions: New Era hats, buffalo wings, movies, football, pop punk music, and the focus of this article, Batman and DC comics. So, I take these movies seriously.

I never planned to walk into the movie theatre on Sunday afternoon expecting Black Adam to be the savior of the DC film universe.  Now don’t get me wrong, Batman is the franchise player. He’s the money maker, but this entry into the DCEU may very well bring life back into this world that we thought was dead.

The post credits scenes bring back the most important piece in this whole thing, and if you haven’t seen this flick then stop reading now.

Henry Cavill back as Superman is exactly the bolt of energy the DCEU needs. Superman could be DC’s biggest draw, and if done correctly he can change the trajectory of the future of DC Films. Cavill has been the ideal Superman since he was first introduced in Zack Synder’s Man of Steel.  So to see him back in blue was one of the most fantastic yet worst kept surprises I could hope for. 

What’s next is super important, we are getting multiple Batmans back for DC’s attempt at a multiverse in Flashpoint, I’d absolutely love to see Ben Affleck get another crack at playing the Caped Crusader again with a well written script. 

It’s also time to get the Green Lantern back on the big screen, but I’m hoping they decide to go a different route and use John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan and let Michael B. Jordan be the face of that franchise (unless Killmonger is brought back in two weeks in Wakanda Forever).

Either way for the first time in a long time, I’m excited about the direction that the DCEU is headed in.

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